Brindavan News 11.06.'05 -- Samoohika Upanayana Mahotsavam!

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations of Karnataka are performing Samoohika Upanayana Mahotsavam on 12th June '05 with the blessings of Bhagawan. About ten days back, before HIS one day trip to Parthi, Swamy had approved the programme and personally chose 12th June for the sacred ceremony. Accordingly Brindavan decked up to host this grand ceremony tomorrow. When I reached in the afternoon, there were people everywhere wearning different badges, viz. Vatu (the boy whose Upanayanam will be performed), Parent, Relatives. There were registration counters operating in the space between the boys' hostel and the old boys' hostel.

Post registration, the Vatus occupied the space behind the students' block in the Sai Ramesh hall. The Parents were seated behind this block. Other relatives, three of whom were allowed per Vatu were also seated in a special block. The organizers had planned to brief the Parents about tomorrow's programme in the Kalyana Mantap after the darshan.

4PM. The chandliers on the stage lit up. Omkar starts, followed by bhajan. It is 2/3 songs before Bhagawan appears on the stage in HIS mobile throne. Heart leapt in joy to have caught a glimpse of That beloved form after about two weeks. Bhagawan is seated in the middle and was taking notice of the preparations of the grand ceremony tomorrow. The Brindavan students had prepared a small programme highlighting the significance of Sandhyavandanam. Bhajan was stopped and Swamy commanded to start the programme. While some boys chanted the different mantras associated with the Sandhyavandanam, there were two of them narrating the significance of each. This was well done at a very short notice and very appropriate. Swamy was keenly observing this holding the railing with both HIS hands and inclining forward with great interest! HE enquired about the Vatus and wanted to see them all! What a day it is turning out to be in the lives of these young children!!

The programme is presently paused and the Vatus form a line, nay a beeline, go till the Ganesha idol and take a left to the Kalyana mantap. They are all seeing Swamy at an incredibly small distance of less than 10 ft. Swamy is happily smiling at them all and watching them all with great keenness. There were about 500 of the vatus to be initiated the next day in to a new life in which Gayathri will bve their Mother.

All the Vatus have now gone to the Kalayana mantap. Swamy now commands the Parents of the Vatu to follow suit! A thousand of them cannot really believe their good fortune!! As they troop past Swamy into the Kalayana mantap, Swamy is looking at all of them. This is definitely going to be a day which will be etched in the memory of many of these parents. In this age when Swamy is most of the time busy with HIS various humanitarian projects, HE has taken time out to bless even the parents with a close darshan.

The parents and the vatus assembled in the Kalayan mandap. Meanwhile the pasued programme resumed and completed at the Sai Ramesh Hall in Swamy's presence. The Vatu and the parents were called one by one and given clothes, a sari for the mother, dhotis for the vatu and the father. And now, Swamy has sent word from Sai Ramesh Hall that all the Vatus with their parents go back to SaiRamesh Hall. The front space in the Hall was cleared as Vatus with their parents and the clothes run and occupy a closest available space in the Sai Ramesh Hall. Once all of them assemble back, the chief priest read out the programme of tomorrow with Swamy's permission. All the Vatus and parents will assemble at Sri Sathya Sai Gokulam gate at 6:15am, from where they will come in procession to SaiRamesh Hall. At 7:30AM, the ceremony will start with Sankalpam and various homams and then around 9AM is the time Brahmopadesam and Yagyopavitadhaaranam.

Bhagawan commanded that all the students should chant all the mantras they know tomorrow. On HIS direction, the chants started immediately and Purusha suktam, Sree suktam, Sivopasana mantram were chanted in unique Sai Student style -- high pitched! Swamy thoroughly enjoyed it and even showed HIS own eyes when the chant went as 'Chaksho suryo ajaayate', a chant from Purusha suktam. Now it stopped. And Swamy called for the warden. HE conveyed some message through Sri. Narasimha Murthy. It was: ** Sai's home is your home. Sai's dwelling place is your dwelling place. You might find some discomfort in your stay tonight. Please bear with it. I will make you happy tomorrow. **

When the warden announced it, Swamy called him again and said something. This was ** If you want anything in life pray to SAI. HE will grant it. **

And he was called yet again! This time it went like: ** All the Vatus, their parents and relatives will be served a sumptuous lunch after the ceremony is over. **

I could not help marvelling at the meticulousness of the Master Organizer. There were huge cheers everywhere and my eyes went moist at HIS infinite love. I am sure it was an extremely touching moment for most of the devotees present there.

Having drenched us with HIS love thus, Swamy retired to Trayee at around 06:30PM or so. There was no mood to look at time. We only wished, it stood still frozen, supplying us with constant bliss which we tasted just now.

Thank you Bhagawan. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Jai Sai Ram.

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