Healing puja started today

1st 12.15 am 16.5.2005

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Sai,

Sri Sai Ram

This morning our beloved Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba was coming by a special kind of wheelchair onto stage of Sai Ramesh Hall, Brindavanam.
He was wearing a dark red-orange cape and looking sooo cute.

Our Lord started a Healing Puja by holy fire (likewise Dasara) that  will have to go on for two days more. After about twenty minutes of sitting on the hall's stage Bhagavan was doing about ten steps by Himself in direction to the fire. Afterwards seven gents were allowed to guide the Lord back to (and
into) the chair by their helping hands.

The fire is placed on Ladies side of the stage and spreads a lot of  holy and healing smoke to all in and around the hall. On gent´s side of the stage there is  a big veda group spreading vedas.

It is expected that Bhagavan will grant His Divine Presence for two
hours every day until 18th.

Holy Healing to all.
Posted by Jay Sai Ram on 16.05.2005

Brindavan Darshan News -- 15th May '05

Swamy came for darshan at around 9:00AM. The bhajans started on HIS arrival. Swamy sat for a couple of bhajans and left. The news is that the hon'ble home minister of India Sri. Shivraj Patil came to visit Swamy. Perhaps that is the reason Swamy was here for a short while. In the afternoon, Swamy came earlier than usual (4PM).

Jai Sai Ram

Posted by Ramesh Sistla on 15.05.2005

Brindavan Darshan News -- 14th May '05

SaiRam All!

Reached Ramesh Hall by about 7:30AM. Since there are no regular darshans these days, there was not much crowd, well not yet. Slowly Ramesh Hall was filling up. I could get a place inside. I was sitting in the end of  the hall. As I sat there, I couldn't help a trip down the memory lane. A couple of years ago, as HE came walking from Trayee, at every turn, HE would keep us guessing as to which way HE would go! And as HE moved we turned, much like iron filings would align with a powerful magnet or sun flower turning to face the Sun! Swamy would collect letters as HE moved along, for a moment from the gents' side and the next moment from the ladies' side. As HE came to the end of the hall, HE would hand over the letters to someone coming with HIM and raise both HIS hands in blessings to the devotees and make us absolutely happy.

As the trip down memory lane continues.... time is ticking...It is  8:00AM. I come back to the present. Ramesh Hall is almost full now.  Devotees start sitting in the extension. The photoes on the stage have been changed. There is one of Swamy in 'Abhaya mudra'. The pigeons are flapping their wings and flying from rails to rails.... minutes pass by. As clock strikes 9AM, some devotees get restless and lose hope that they can catch a glimpse of the Lord today. Since lot of devotees go for darshan from Bangalore, it is a little difficult to wait for very long as they have to catch up with the day after the darshan.

I pray to the Lord in my heart, please give a glimpse at least from a distance. I am not asking for more. It is 9:20AM and by now quite a few people are near the cafetaria and suddenly there is a sign of Swamy  coming out! We all run back and assume seats wherever we can get one. In a few moments, the music starts and is sollowed by Omkars. ' Pasupathi tanaya bala Gajanana......' as it goes on, we could see some movements in the Trayee compound. Two boys go up and remove the throne. This is indication that Swamy is coming on to the stage on HIS custom made car which has a throne in it. The throne can slide out of the car. Within a few minutes Swamy appears on the stage sitting on the mobile throne! HE is draped with a shawl. We can see HIS left hand with which HE is timing the bhajans and also adjusting the free flowing lovely curls. Bhajans pick up tempo and there are loud claps. We feel very happy to have got a glimpse of the Lord, even from a great distance. The Lord sits there gracing us with HIS divine presence for about 8-10 bhajans. Then HE signals, it is time to go and aarati is given. HE exits from the back door on the stage through which HE entered.

Thank you very much Lord for Your divine darshan despite the pain in Your hand. There is some information that Swamy has sustained a hair line fracture in the right arm. So I feel it is better that HE doesn't come for rounds and takes letters or disturbs HIS hand. We should be content to see HIM from a distance. Let us pray for HIS physical recovery and also realise HIM in us.

Jai Sai Ram

Posted by Ramesh Sistla on 15.05.2005

Darshan News -- 14th May '05




Today Bhagawan granted Darshan.


He came out of Trayee around 9:30 AM in the Toyota and came to Sai Ramesh Hall (The Bhajan MahaGanapatim Namostute.... was started just as He was entering Ramesh Hall) from the ladies side.  Satyajit was driving and He was seated in the left seat.


He came down the centre pathway and exited Sai Ramesh Hall near the Saraswati Statue.  And then He Decided to re-enter Ramesh Hall from the ladies side and went past Ganesha idol and just at that time - Mr. Raj Kumar Jain rushed up to the stage and removed the Chair that was kept there.  In a few minutes - it became clear Why.


Bhagawan came out of the car in the same seat/chair that He was sitting inside the car and was wheeled onto the elevator and then the stage.


Just when He took up his position in the middle of the stage, the Bhajan Satya Dharma Shanti PRema Swaroopa was sung (maybe reminidng Him that He is Shiva Sakthi Swaroopa and a Poorna Avathara.....).  There were lot of high tempo Bhajans - Radhe Govinda Bhajo Radhe Govinda Bhajo..., Vanamali Radha Ramana ..., etc. etc.  He was keeping beat with His left hand.  The right hand was covered by a shawl and He was using the Handkerchief with His left hand as well.


Bhagawan was on stage for about 30+ minutes and everyone had Darshan to their Hearts content.  


Bhagawan asked for Aarati just as the 1st line of the bhajan Nandalala, Nandalala was sung.... and after Aarati, He went to the back of the stage - where the car was already waiting for Him.


It was a wonderful experience overall... Really really nice...


Posted by K V Naresh on 15.05.2005

Sai Ram,

A few days ago, Baba fell while giving darshan in Whitefield. His right hand was injured and a cast was put on it.

All is well. Baba is giving darshan again.

Also, he is using the new vehicle which was shown to devotees last December. It has a special seat that Double as a portable chair. It enables Baba to go in and out of the vehicle without leaving the chair.

Gerald Dominick

\Sri Sai Ram

This morning, after a looong time of waiting and feeling tension many Devotees already had left Sai Ramesh Hall, Brindavanam.

Than about 9.15 am  ... our sweet, sweet, sweet Lord Bhagavan Shri Shri Shri Sathya Sai Baba (a little bit serious?) was coming to give His Darshan.
First He entered the Hall by car and left by “background”.

Than ... He was coming into Sai Ramesh Hall by car again, kept sitting in the car chair (remote throne) and moved on stage by using the elevator.

Than ... He stayed there for about twenty minutes to share and guide Bhajans with all before leaving the Hall´s stage in His Remote Throne by the back door.

Than ... everybody was in Bliss. Rumors (broken arm ... ) too.

Now ... what about You?
Happy Surprise.

Jay Sai Ram


\ Sri Sai Ram

This morning (10th of May 2005) our Beloved Swami´s body had a bad fall, complete down to the ground, just before entering Sai Ramesh Hall.

After coming up again Our Lord granted a short Darshan to all by using the golf cart.

This was for the third time that He had an accident in Whitefield and all of us should go inside in Love to find out the holy meaning and to become ready by heart, head and hands for indispensable good changings.

Om Tat Sat

\ Sri Sai Ram

Dear Ones,

I am taking permission from the Sai brother who shared this mail with me to share this with all of you, for your further information about our Dearest Swami's fall this morning.

This is from sister Deirdre currently in Whitefield.


Jai Sai Ram!

Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 12:11:28 +0530

Subject: FW: DARSHAN


Yesterday morning Swami didn't show up - I left at around 9.10 am and at 9.30 it was announced that there would be no Darsan. However this morning the Karnataka Youth had left and we were back in our normal places. Swami came to our great joy at just before 8.25, and again He was walking, the wind blowing His lovely hair (quite long but making a round halo) - and not holding anyone's hand. Then, He turned to glance at those seated on the bench right at the front and suddenly a new DRAMA........................ HE FELL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looked as if His left leg gave way, or He lost His balance in some way. I huge gasp of horror rose up from many of the women, but myself, I kept very quiet - just affirming that God can never fall from His high estate, and supporting Swami with every atom of love I could muster. Whatever the reason Swami chose to do that, we can't tell, but He is always the Supreme Example and is teaching everyone a lesson. Those around Him rushed to help Him up He seemed to have fallen sideways and then backwards - we couldn't see if He hit His head. Immediately the golf cart was beside Him and He got up into it, with no fuss, no loss of dignity or presence, and directed the driver to come straight in. He looked happy and serene as ever, blessing everyone with His divine Sweetness, and drove right down the central aisle and round the men's block again, taking letters as usual as if nothing had happened at all - and came along past us again on His way out, just turning His head to flash a radiant smile at us, and then proceeded out and back to Trayee. Darshan was just about 10 minutes.


Posted by Mary on 10.05.2005

\ Sri Sai Ram

One of our beloved Sai Brothers was sending a special Love Letter to JaySaiRam and within this he is giving a good example how to read, to understand and to digest news of all kind coming from our Beloved Lord Sai.

I am sure Your hearts will take each and every word as prasadam.

Jay Sai Ram

SAI RAM. Praying that Bhagawan's Love, Grace and Blessings be with you and your family at all times.

Every Action of Bhagawan has a meaning, a lesson for everyone. On May, 10th Bhagawan had a fall in Brindavan. There is surely a reason for that action of Bhagawan. Bhagawan's actions never go waste or in vain, they always have a meaning, a reason.

In the summer of 1965, Bhagawan gave a wonderful example of what I mean by the above. In May, 1965, Bhagawan was giving a series of Discourses on the Ramayana, (which I hope to post it to you in due course), On one Sunday, Bhagawan was giving a wonderful description about the War, when he said that when Indrajit had shot an arrow which Wounded Lord Rama, Hanuman rushed towards Rama who had fallen and put a Cloth on the wound thereby preventing any blood from falling on the earth, Valmiki says in his Ramayana that the world would never be the same again if The Lord's Blood had fallen the ground.

After concluding the Discourse Bhagawan was swaying to the Tune of some Melodious Bhajans when Suddenly Bhagawan asked for a Blade, when The blade was given to Him, Bhagawan cut a deep slit on his right Forefinger, Blood started coming out, Then Bhagawan cut his left Forefinger, then his right and left wrists, There was Blood everywhere on his Robe on the Table, Bhagawan asked for some cotton, Bhagawan then Started taking the Blood with the cotton from the 4 wounds that he had inflicted on himself. Not a single drop of Blood was on the floor. Everyone was in tears, nobody did not know what to do, Bhagawan did not allow anyone to touch him during that time. Bhagawan then asked two white towels to be placed on his two arms.

After a few minutes, Bhagawan gave directions to call one Krishniah, who was  a very ardent devotee of Bhagawan, Krishniah came rushing and fell at Bhagawan's  feet, Due to some very grave personal problems, He had tried to kill himself with a knife, He first tried to cut his right Wrist and then  his left Wrist, But even when the knife struck his hand, wrists nothing happened, he felt no pain, no blood came out absolutely nothing happened, The Knife had cut his fingers and wrist but there was no Blood, Bhagawan had cut his own fingers and hands for a Dear Devotee, he had given his Blood for a Dear Devotee. There were tears in everyone's eyes, they could not see Bhagawan suffer, Bhagawan then calmly said " See, Nothing has happened to me", and lo and behold as Bhagawan removed the cloth from both his hands there were absolutely no wounds, there was no blood at all on the cloth. There was no trace of Bhagawan cutting his hands. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord. Every action of the lord has a meaning, It will be revealed later, Never take Bhagawan's actions on face value. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord, he protects his Devotees, Gives everything to them , does everything for them. If only we Pray sincerely to him.

Posted on 10.05.2005

Morning Darshan:

Swamy was coming for darshan at around 8:30 AM by walk. As HE was approaching the Ramesh hall, HE had a fall on to HIS left side! HE  l anded on HIS left hand and the hair almost touched the ground. We all lost a couple of heartbeats! Immediately HE got up as if nothing has happened and started walking a few metres!! The golf cart came and HE sat in that. Entering through the ladies' side, HE came towards the gents' side. HE now took the central avenue and kept going towards the end of the hall, at which HE took a left and yet another left to reach the stage. Now HE took one more left and straight away went out of the hall. It must have lasted about ten minutes. It was all happening too fast, the fall..., the rise... , the Darshan...., the exit...!


Reached Ramesh Hall by about 3:30PM and waited for an hour.  Swamy sent word through Warden Sir that HE wouldn't be coming for Darshan. HE also  said, "Nothing has happened to ME. I am fine, happy and blissful. Be happy. The happier MY students are, the faster I will recover".

Let us all pray from the innermost recesses of our heart to HIM to stop  this drama of falls. The more intense our prayer is the healthier Swamy will be.

Jai Sai Ram

By A Sai Brother

Praying to Swami to heal His divine body.

On the morning of 10th May 2005 our Beloved Swami´s body had a bad fall, it seems that Swami’s body received shoulder injury due to that fall, perhaps a fracture. This was reported by a devotee thru Phone call. Anticipate everyone is praying to Swami to heal His divine body. Let’s give few minutes of our daily prayer to Swami for Swami. These are testing times for all devotees and the Divine master works in mysterious ways. As pointed by many others we’ve have to go inside ourselves to find answers to all the questions in our mind and heart. One should always keep this in mind that, Divine Avatar’s every action, word & deed has deeper spiritual meaning and every layer of meaning has hidden treasure of spiritual reality. We must dig deep if we want to realize and find that hidden treasure.


There exists a story in the annals of Aryan culture. Sage Bhardwaj spent a lifetime in the quest of knowledge and complete and thorough mastery over the sacred Vedas (Divine knowledge). But even after a life span of one hundred years, devoted and consecrated to that thirst for Vedic knowledge, he realized that he was merely standing at the shore of the ocean only gathering pebbles and the pearls still lay hidden in the depth of the ocean. Feeling sad and disconsolate and faint on account of withering old age, he approached Indra, the king of Gods, and prayed to him for lengthening his life further. The boon of another hundred years was granted to him and he resumed his quest with additional vigour. Time passed and the fresh lease of hundred years of life came to an end. But sage Bhardwaj felt that the ocean of knowledge lay still before him and he was thirsty and insatiated as ever. The knowledge was limitless and infinite and life too short. Although he was granted three centuries of existence, at the end of the period, he stayed on the fringe of Vedic knowledge.


Above story is a good example that spiritual quest is tough job! One must be patient persistent  and truly committed to find the pearls hidden in the depth of the divine ocean.


“Let me tell you. Nothing can impede or halt the work of the Avatar. When I was upstairs some people foolishly went about saying 'It is all’ over with Sai Baba' and they turned it. back many who were coming to Puttaparthi. Some said I was in samadhi (communion with God) as if I was a sadhaka (Aspirant). Some feared I was a victim of black magic as if anything can affect me ... The splendour of this Avatar will go on increasing day by day. Formerly, when the Govardhangiri was raised aloft by the little boy Krishna, the Gopis and Gopals (milkmaids and cowherds) realized that Krishna was the Lord. Now not one Govardhangiri but a whole range will be lifted you will see! Have patience, have faith.”

Gurupournima Day, 6 July 1963, 6:30PM. (Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Speaks III 5, 19.)

”This is not Swami's illness; this is an illness that Swami has taken on in order to save some one. Swami has no illnesses, nor will he get ill at any time. You must all be happy; that alone will make Swami happy. If you grieve, Swami will not be happy. Your joy is Swami's food.”

Gurupournima Day, 6 July 1963, 6:30PM. (Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Speaks III 5, 19.)

Above Discourse   

A Discourse that gives insight into the mystery and splendour of Avatar

Shiva Shakthi

Gurupournima Day, 6 July 1963, 6:30PM. (Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Speaks III 5, 19.) 

Editor's note. This discourse was exciting for two important reasons. First, Swami illustrated his powers by curing himself, in a few seconds and before thousands of people, of a severe stroke that he had had for eight days and explaining why this event had to take place. Second, for the first time, Swami mentioned Prema Sai, his next incarnation. Swami said that he would come back in a third incarnation as Prema Sai eight years after he leaves this body.] 

This is not Swami's illness; this is an illness that Swami has taken on in order to save some one. Swami has no illnesses, nor will he get ill at any time. You must all be happy; that alone will make Swami happy. If you grieve, Swami will not be happy. Your joy is Swami's food.  

(Then, Baba signaled to Kasturi to speak. After his short speech was over, Baba wanted the mike to be held before him. He asked through it "Vinapisthundaa!". But, though he asked again and again, the voice was so indistinct that no could make out what it meant.  

He then signed for water. When it was brought, he sprinkled a little with his shaking right hand on the stricken left hand, on his left leg. He stroked his left hand with the right. Immediately, he used both hands to stroke his left leg, and that touch was enough to cure it. He doffed the disease in a trice! He started to speak! It was the same musical voice.)  

For those who have no refuge, God is the refuge (Dikku lenivaniki devude gathi). That is exactly the reason I had to take on the disease that one helpless devotee was to get. He had to suffer this dire illness, as well as the four heart attacks that accompanied it, and he would not have survived it. So, according to my duty (dharma) to protect devotees (bakthasamrakshana), I had to rescue him. Of course, this is not the first time that I have taken on the illness of persons whom I wanted to save. Even in the previous Sariram at Shirdi, I had this responsibility. The suffering that you saw was too much for this particular devotee, so I had to save him by going through it myself. This is my play (leela), my nature. It is part of the task for which I have come, sishyarakshana.  

People who were near me during the last week were asking me to give them the name of the person whom I had saved. I told them that it would make them angry against that person, for Swami, they would say, "had to undergo much pain in order to save that one person." Then, they replied that they would honor the person because of the extraordinary devotion that persuaded Swami to run to his rescue that Saturday morning.  

Some people even asked me whether it was this person or that, giving names of those who had attacks of paralysis, especially on the left side! This is even more ludicrous, because when I save a person I save him completely. I do not wait until he gets the disease, and I do not leave him a fraction of a disease so that he may be identified later. It all looks funny to me, the guesses and surmises that you make.  

Even in Shirdi, Dada Saheb, Nadaram, Balawanth, all were saved by these means. Balawanth was destined to get plague, but the bubo was taken over and the boy saved. 

This is perhaps the longest period when I kept the devotees wondering and worried. That was because of the heart attacks, which had to come later on the devotee, from which also he had to be saved. Then, there is another reason why the 8-day period had to be observed. I shall tell you why. This means I must tell you about myself, about something I haven't disclosed so far, something that I was keeping within myself for the last 37 years. The time has come to announce it. This is a sacred day, and I shall tell you.  

You know I declared on the very day when I decided to disclose my Identity, my mission, and my Advent that I belonged to the Apasthamba Suthra and the Bharadwaja lineage (gothra). This Bharadwaja was a great sage, who studied the Vedas for a full one hundred years; but, finding that the Vedas were endless (anantha), he did penance (thapas) for prolonging life, and from Indra he got two extensions of a century each. Even then, the Vedas could not be completed, so he asked Indra again for another hundred years. Indra showed him 3 huge mountain ranges and said, "What, you have learned in 3 centuries form only 3 handfuls from out of the 3 ranges that make up the Vedas. So give up the attempt to exhaust the Vedas. Perform a ritual (yaga) instead, which I shall teach you; that will give you the fruit of Vedic study, full and complete."  

Bharadwaja decided to perform the ritual; Indra taught him how to do it; all preparations were completed. The sage wanted Shakthi to preside over and bless the ritual. So he went to Kailasa, but the time was not opportune for presenting his petition. Shiva and Shakthi were engaged in a competitive dance, trying to find out who could dance longer. Eight days passed thus, before Shakthi noticed Bharadwaja standing in the cold. She just cast a smile at him and danced along as before! The sage mistook the smile as a cynical refusal to notice him, so he turned his back on Kailasa and started to descend. To his dismay, he found his left leg, hand, and eye put out of action by a stroke. Shiva saw him fall, came up to him, and consoled him. Bharadwaja was told that Shakthi had indeed blessed him and his ritual. Then, Shiva revived him and cured him, sprinkling water from the Kamandalu. Both Shiva and Shakthi granted him the boons of a sage (rishi); they would both attend the ritual, they said.  

After the ritual was over, they were so pleased that they conferred even more boons on the sage. Shiva said that they would take human form and be born in the Bharadwaja lineage, thrice: Shiva alone as Shirdi Sai Baba, Shiva and Shakthi together at Puttaparthy as Sathya Sai Baba, and Shakthi alone as Prema Sai, later. Then, Shiva remembered the illness that had suddenly come upon Bharadwaja at Kailasa on the eighth day of waiting in the cold on the ice. He gave another assurance. "As expiation for the neglect that Shakthi showed you at Kailasa for 8 days, this Shakthi will suffer the stroke for 8 days when we both take birth as Sathya Sai and, on the eighth day, I shall relieve her from all signs of the disease by sprinkling water, just as I did at Kailasa to cure your illness." 

It was the working out of this assurance that you witnessed today, just now. This had to happen, this stroke and the cure. The assurance given in the Thretha era had to be honored. I may tell you now that the poor, forlorn devotee who had to suffer the stroke that I took over was a convenient excuse, which was utilized. You see, a railway engine is not made available to haul just one car; when a number of cars are ready, then the engine is put into action. So too, the disease had to be gone through, the devotee had to be saved, the assurance had to be carried out, the mystery had to be cleared, the Divinity had to be more clearly announced by the manifestation of this Grand Miracle. All these were accomplished by this one incident.  

Let me tell you one more thing: Nothing can impede or halt the work of the Avathaara. When I was upstairs all these days, some people were foolishly saying, "It is all over with Sai Baba," and they turned back many who were coming to Puttaparthy! Some said I was in samadhi, as if I were a spiritual aspirant (sadhaka)! Some feared I was the victim of black magic, as if anything can affect me! The splendor of this Avathar will go on increasing, day by day. Formerly, when the Govardhanagiri (a mountain) was raised aloft by the little boy Krishna, the cowherd maids and boys (gopees and gopalas) realized that Krishna was the Lord. Now, not one Govardhanagiri but a whole range will be lifted, you will see! Have patience, have faith. Tomorrow morning, I shall give every one of you the Namaskaram Blessing that you missed today.

Posted on 11.05.2005 by Bnamar

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