Dear Ones,
\ Sri Sai Ram

Bhagavan left Kodaikanal this morning at 9 am for Madurai. It is expected that He will start from Madurai at 3 pm and will arrive in the Ashram at 5 pm.

Jay Sai Ram

7th of May 2005, Afternoon - Evening:

\ Sri Sai Ram

Brindavanam ashram was closed for hours.  Finally  ...  our beloved Swamiji, Bhagavan Shri Shri Shri Sathya Sai Baba arrived in Brindavanam about 8 pm.

Kadugodi people are very happy. All are happy. He is happy.

Have a good night! Good dreams are God Dreams.

Jay Sai Ram

Aum Sri Sairam,

Swami has moved to Whitefield.  Forwarding latest mail from my son (Bharat Sharma).

Jai Sairam..Surinder

Subject: Waking from the Kodai dream

Sairam All,

Swami left Kodai this morning at around 9 am.  Had darshan of him sitting in the car.

Eswaramma day was incredible.  In the morning there were veda chants followed by bhajans.  Swami gave darshans as usual and then distributed saris and food to the poor.  All devotees were fed lunch as prasadam. In the afternoon, Swami left with his guests to go somewhere at around 2:30 pm.  We all then went in to the bhajan hall and waited for him there from 2:30 to 4:30.  Usually by 4:30 the bhajans and darshans are over but yestereday Swami came in at 4:30 pm into the bhajan hall.

He sat on his chair and the State President gave a talk in Swami's presence for about 15min.  He then said that some balvikas students were going to perform if Swami allows.  Swami said that he will give discourse instead.  The discourse was not like any I've heard before. Swami was relating incidents from his childhood and with regards to Eswaramma.  He talked about the Mother being higher than God.  He talked about Bengal, Punjab, and other successful people being so only because of the greatness of the mother.  It was a thrilling sight to see him talk from such close a distance and him making jokes and everyone laughing.  He then sang a bhajan and there was Aarti. Everyone thought Swami would leave but he did not forget about the balvikas students.  The children performed in side the bhajan hall and Swami blessed them and gave them apples.  Apples were also distributed to us inside the bhajan hall.  This was the first darshan of Swami from head to toe in the standing pose from such close a distance.

Swami left the bhajan hall at around 7 pm.  Nearly 2.5 hrs. it was incredible.  Again Swami's main message has been Faith and Surrender in God...and nothing else being more important than this.  What is destined  will happen and the best we can do is to hold God's hand while we go  through such tough times.

Anyway, I'm heading to Whitefield at 6 pm. tonight...and will arrive there on 8th  morning at around 8 am.  Long journey!




At long last, Bhagawan arrived in Bangalore today afternoon. The  chartered flight carrying Bhagawan and the entourage of about 75 members  that included boys and trust members touched down at Bangalore airport  at 04:20PM on  Saturday, 07th May. About a hundred devotees were waiting  for Swamy at the Airport. At about 04:40PM, Swamy drove out through a  side way in a golden color Sonata, preceded by a police jeep. Devotees  on both sides were very happy to have caught a glimpse of the Lord. 

Everybody was so eager to touch the car. Swamy kept signalling them by  hand. We ran along with the car for some distance and then as the car sped past, stayed back to contemplate on the Avatar of our age.

Swamy drove to one Sri Balaram's house from the Airport. Already quite a  crowd had gathered at the Ashram to welcome Bhagawan. HE reached the  Ashram at 8:00 PM. Since the news of Swamy coming today had appeared in  the newspapers on  06th May, many devotees had known of HIS arrival and  so lot of devotees were already at Ashram waiting for Bhagawan. HE arrived at 08:00PM and immediately retired.

Rejoice Bangaloreans, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is at Brindavan! Let  us pray for blissful darshans. As and when possible, we will bring you Darshan news.

Jai Sai Ram.
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Dear Ones,

\ Sri Sai Ram

This morning Krishna Sai was granting His Darshan in Brindavanam. He started walking by His own (some helping hands) by Trajee Brindavanam and about ten minutes later He passed the gate, walking directly to Sai Ramesh Hall (about 8.30 am).

Using the left side elevator He got up on stage for Bhajan. Later on He went down by elevator on gentīs side and went a full circle around gentīs side by golf cart. My be this was about half an hour happy holy Divine Darshan.

Time was lost.  The crowd (Sunday!) was very happy. Swami too!

Are You happy now too?


Jay Sai Ram

Sairam All,
Came to Whitefield this morning and was able to get Swami's first darshan here.  Oh My, there are so Many devotees here.  I was way back in the morning...and really miss the close proximity of Kodai!!

Oh well! things will be like this from now on.  I'll see if I can do some seva in the hospital and somehow sit a bit closer!



Brindavan Darshan - 8th May, 2005

It is a very quenching darshan, this, coming after a long wait. The  crowd there was always gathering. By 6.30 am Ramesh hall was full and  there were more people coming towards the Ashram. After a long wait SWAMI's arrival was heralded initially by nadaswaram and later by the music with a jazzy sort of a beat. Soon there was din all over the place  and people stood to have a glimpse of the Lord even as hair stands on  end for a person in a blissful state.

The best part of the darshan was to see SWAMI walking down from  Trayee Brindavan to the ladies-side entrance of Sai Ramesh hall. Infact he walked up to the elevator and went up the stage. After some time he  came down by the gents side elevator and boarded his old Golf car which  was often the 'chariot' the year before the last. He took the lane in front of the students' block and took left near the Ganesh idol and went  straight down the central aisle till the 'erstwhile end' of the Ramesh hall (not the extension). There He took left and turned again to come straight and turn left again in a position to exit through the passage He had entered. Earlier, He was welcomed with a 'Swaagatam' song by the  Bangalore devotees which was followed by bhajans.

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Brindavan Darshan - Afternoon - 8th May, 2005


SaiRam All!

Failed to make myself ready for the Sunday morning darshan. Sundays are  beautiful in Brindavan. A sea of humanity in silent anticipation is a rare thing in this world. Only Swamy could make it possible! I didn't want to miss such a beautiful day and reached Brindavan by 2:30PM for the evening darshan.

I surrender my 'luggage' of mobile phone in the cloak room. Free now, I think and reach the entrance. There is a beautiful arch made of flowers that said 'Welcome to the Lord of Brindavan'! How sweet!! I pass through  the security and get into the Ramesh hall to find it completely full by then. Bhajans are going on without the speakers. Despite the fact that they have been on since morning, there is quite a tempo in the Bhajans.

Devotees start sitting in the extension. We reckon that Swamy might not come for rounds in the afternoon and take vantage positions from where  we could comfortably see the Lord when HE is seated on the stage.

Following the bhajans that I know and chanting HIS name while I can't make out some of  the bhajans. I cast my eyes around. It really looks festive. 'Thoranams' all around, marigold garlands spiralling round the pillars, banners that read '80 years of Love in Action, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba', Saraswathi idol painted, hostel gets a facelift..... my eyes slowly move towards the stage. The Muralidhara idol has been decorated with arches of flowers and the stage bedecked breathtakingly  with flowers. All this coupled with the Bhajans reaching their crescendo and the eager anticipation for the Lord of Brindavan, altogether elevated the mind to a different (higher) state!

3:30PM, the wait continues.....

4:00PM, no luck yet. But by now the hall looks completely full even on ladies' side. Bhajans are on in full swing. I couldn't help noticing the Bhajans that beseeched the Lord to appear soon, such Aao aao Sainatha, Mandir mein Aao madhava and many more, the whole Aao series was there! I tell myself this is the tapas that we need to do in this age to have a glimpse of HIM.

4:30PM, suddenly the audio speakers go live and resting backs get erect, necks craned... I focus on the Trayee gate. I could see two boys
carrying buckets, presumably containing prasadam, going towards Trayee.

I think, they are going to get blessed, the Lord must be on HIS way... The boys go back and before long, the curly hair, the red robe is seen....The Lord is here! HE is coming by walk!! The golf cart following
at a distance feels left out... As Swamy comes near, I see HIM more clearly... holding Dr. Jain's hand for some support, HE is coming, it looks from this distance of about 50m, as floating.... HE enters the hall from the ladies' side. And keeps walking towards the stage..... on
the way, HE speaks to someone briefly. Soon HE is on the elevator. Swamy is on the stage and soon assumes HIS throne. Devotees express their happiness by loud claps. All eyes focussing on HIM, the Bhajans are stepping up tempo. Swamy listens to all Bhajans and timing them. HE must have sat for 5/6 Bhajans. At 5:05PM, HE signals it is time for Arati and gets up from the chair and stands holding the railing. Beautiful!!

Immediately Arati comes and we sing 'Om jai Jagadeesha hare...'. Arati over and an army of youngmen in whites are trooping out from behind the stage. They are holding prasadam in bucketfuls. Swamy stands holding the railing and watches devotees receiving the prasadam. And then slowly walks out, this time through the backdoor on the stage.

I thank the Lord for HIS darshan and the prasadam. Very happy at having spent a wonderful afternoon at the Brindavan. I just prayed, oh Lord please compensate for your late arrival this year and bless us with extended rain of your grace in this Summer!

Jai Sai Ram

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