Divine Grace_An Essential Prerequisite


Grace is a spiritual experience; something spontaneous; which wells out from the Divine consciousness as a free flow of its being. It is not calculable, has no constraints whatsoever and works in its own mysterious way. The quantum of grace is related to the perfection of one’s faith, sincerity and surrender. There is nothing more precious in this world than Divine Grace.


Baba is an ocean of unlimited powers. The ability and power to write and describe anything about the Almighty are beyond human capacity. For an ordinary human being this work is absolutely impossible, tedious and formidable. But when the Supreme Power Himself encourages, inspires and in His limitless compassion bestows the knowledge, grace, ability, intelligence, capacity and sakthi, and makes    the chosen one an instrument of His work, it is only then that human endeavour succeeds. A work, such as this, for the human affords a providential opportu­nity to contemplate on the Divine Leelas and worship Him. It is He Himself, Who confers a divine favour for the contemplation and adoration of the Divinity by making one the tool of His Hands. It is then and then alone that an insurmountable task such as this can be accomplished. The Grace of God is an impor­tant element in fulfillment. Even the Upanishads refer to this grace  “Yamevaisha vranute Tena Hashyah”, that is, “it is he who is chosen, who gets to know the Reality.”


The Epics and Puranas relate only an infinitesimal fraction of His Glory, they set a limit. It is only the one endowed with Jnana-drishti or Yoga­-drishti or Bhakti-drishti, who can have a glimpse of that Effulgence.


One can conclude from this that when the Almighty Himself bestows His Grace with His Divine Hands, there then remains no dearth of knowledge and wisdom, and it appears as if a hidden treasure of knowledge and wisdom has become overt. Even a foolish person becomes a learned scholar, an ignorant all knowledgeable and a dumb person becomes an impressive orator. As Shri Basavanna has declared, "O Merciful God! When You pour Your Grace, dry stumps sprout, the barren yield, poison confers im­mortality." Sri Aurobindo has said about Divine Grace, "Its touch can turn difficulties into opportu­nities, failure into success and weakness into unfalter­ing strength.... Grace is a power superior to any rule, even to the Cosmic Law.'


By the Grace of that Supreme Power some awe­-inspiring glimpses and divine mysterious phenomena are being narrated. I dedicate these flowers of heartfelt true love and devotion at the Lotus Feet of the Almighty Sadguru Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. With sincerest humility I offer this little achievement that has sprung from the gift of Divine Grace bestow­ed upon me to the Source itself, and in adoration give the Giver the gift.


“Gurudev Sharnaram Gacchami."