Pearls From Bhagavan Baba !


"There was no one to know who I am, until I created the Universe at my pleasure with one Word. Immediately, mountains rose up and rivers started running. The sun, moon and stars sprang from no­where to prove my existence. Came beasts and birds, flying, speaking, hearing, and mankind too. The first place was granted to mankind, and my knowledge was placed in his mind."



"What you need to cross the sea of life is the bark of Bhakti, of assurance of Grace, of surrender to His will. Throw off all burdens, become light and you can trip across with one step on one crest and another on the next. God will take you through.



I ask only that you turn to me when your mind drags you into grief or pride or envy. Bring me the depths of your mind, no matter how grotesque, how cruelly ravaged by doubts or disappointments. I know how to treat them. I will not reject you. I am your mother."



"There is no mesmerism, miracle, or magic, in what I do ! Mine is genuine Divine Power. I am Sarvadaivatwa-swarupam. I am Indweller of every heart."



Anandam is My Aharam, your joy is My Food.