The Summing Up


The constraint of the premium of space has limited the narrative to only twelve concomitant proofs of Divine Majesty from the Infinite numbers that establish The Reality. The estimation of Divinity is beyond human ken. What could be more apt and complete description of such a Divine phenomenon than the blessed words of Bhagavan Baba Himself "The Cowherd Boy, the son of Nanda, has come again among you as embodied 'ANANDA' so that He may collect His playmates; the same Rama has come again, with a great deal of 'Aaram' (without any haste), since now there is no burden of imperium, no dynastic res­ponsibilitv. He has come to give again the chance of service to His erstwhile followers; the same Sai has come to you from Shirdi as embodied Lord, to again be in the midst of His erstwhile companions and com­rades. Once again, the same All-comprehensive, Omnipresent Principle known as “Maha-Vishnu” has come in this comprehensible, cognisable human form as the “Maha-Vishnu” earth limited Lord so that you may benefit therefrom. He has come without His instruments and weapons, for He has willed to forge them here itself."

A Humble Request


Whosoever has the good fortune and the Sai­Kripa of receiving this small though invaluable and beautiful gift (booklet), is humbly requested not to fold it, to keep it always in good shape and perfect order and read it with love and devotion When loaned to others it may please be recovered and kept reverentially, as recently Divine Miracles have been associated with Sai books. Who knows in what form, when, where and with whom Sai-Kripa may manifest itself.


Let us all sing His Glory and merge the LIGHT that He is. Glory be unto Him