9. Ihe Resurrection - Why and when !


The raisings from the dead by Christ are very_ well known, The 'Cosmic Christ' (Baba), has shown to the world spectacular resurrections which are fully documented. The Cowans from Santa Ana, U.S.A., received a telegram from Baba which read. "COME IMMEDIATELY TO MADRAS BABA."


They were taken by complete surprise and left soon thereafter for India., reaching Madras on 23rd December 1971. On the day of their arrivaI they had the coveted darshans in the evening. Baba had come to them and had rubbed Walter Cowan's back and chest, and told them that He would see them later.


On the Christmas eve Mr. Cowan who had been ailing for quite some time, took a sudden turn for the worst and expired in the hotel room around midnight. The doctors declared him dead. In the early hours of the morning, the body was taken to the hospital where after examination, another doctor certified him as 'Brought in Dead.' At about 10 A.M. Mrs. Cowan accompanied by a lady devotee, arrived at the hospital. They learnt that Baba had just been there and had left barely a few minutes earlier. At the hospitaI they found Walter Cowan alive, sitting and talking.


Subsequently during an interview at Prasanthi Nilayam, Baba told two American scientists from~ New York, "At Madras Cowan had three instances of heart failure, full and fatal. But I gave him life all the three times, for I wished to save Mrs. Cowan, the pain and bother of taking her husband back home dead. Besides, it would make America sit up and think of the message of the East, which is My Mess­age with greater reverence."


Shri Radhakrishna died of gastric ulcers while at Puttaparthi. His wife persistently pleaded with Baba to revive him but at that stage Baba did not seem to oblige. However, He assured her, "Why fear when I am here." On the third day Baba raised Radhakrishna from the dead even though rigor-mortis

had set in. Later Baba said, 'I brought him back to life so that he might write his will and complete other legal formalities about succession to his pro­perties."


Even more astounding than the above two in­stances, is the story of Shri Bhagwandas Daswani. He had a severe heart attack in May 1977 and lay dying in a hospital in Hong Kong. At about 4.10 A.M. on the 25th May that year, he saw Bhagavan walk­ing through the wall into his room. Baba came and sat down on his bed and showered vibhuti all over him. Shri Daswani felt strength grow in his body. At first he thought, he was having a hallucination and inquired of Baba whether He was actually there."

Baba assured him that it was a fact and inquired of Daswani what he would like Baba to do for him. Shri Daswani requested Baba to put him on the couch in the room. Baba lifted him up, like a feather, even though he weighed 170 lbs., and with all the infusions and drips remaining as they were, laid him gently on the couch. After that Baba left just as He had come. Soon a number of nurses entered the room. They were aghast to see him on the couch. They ask­ed him, how he had got there and what was all that

dust' over his bed and body. They also wanted to know as to who had been there. Knowing fully well that they will not comprehend and believe what had just happened, Daswani simply told them, "I walked to the couch." He then requested to collect the dust (vibhuti) for him in some paper. It is stated that the vibhuti weighed about one and half kilo­grams. He, however, divulged the entire story to an Indian doctor who happened to see him a few days later.


A day before this happening in Hong Kong, Baba had advised Daswani's son Deepak, a student at Whitefield, to proceed to Hong Kong as his father was about to have a heart-attack. This episode is but an infinitesimal fraction of His Glory. The story of Shri Daswani has been narrated to me by his close friends and relatives who stay at Bangalore and Hong Kong.