7. Baba in the Moon


Robert De Silva, who is an Attorney-at-Law in U.S.A., has written an article about seeing Baba's reflection in the moon. He has written in Sanathan Sarathi, "In 1975, I and my wife were taking a walk along the sea-shore one evening, I perchance happened to look towards the moon and I was wonderstruck with what I saw. It appeared that Baba was looking at me from the moon. At first I couldn't believe that this is a fact in reality. So I rubbed my eyes. This wonderful astonishing vision made me almost fain Immediately controlling myself, I signalled to my wife to look at the moon. She looked up and exclaimed reassuringly 'Oh my God!


We are very fortunate that from that day of exquisite vision of the full moon night, we were able, to see the beautiful form of Baba, on all the days o~ the waxing and waning of the moon. On the full moon night the beloved Lord can be seen in His full majestic divine glory and exquisite effulgence.