5. A Personal Experience


On 13th May I979, I was sitting on the sacred land of Dharamakshetra, for Babats darshans, eagerly awaiting His arrival. At that time by the Divine Leela of all powerful Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a Sai devotee from Ghatkopar came straight to me and told me about an important phenomenon, which I narrate as follows: He said that during the dar­shans at Nagar-Sankirtan that morning, many Sai devotees had seen different forms of light and efful­gence emanating from Baba.


As if to impress upon me the importance of such a vision many others also
came and told me the same fact. The next morning as the Nagar-Sankirtan approached Sathya-Deep, I found myself quite in the rear. Suddenly a latent force from behind seemed to propel me forward and ultimately it brought me, just next to the person per­forming the Arti in the first row. At that time the kind compassionate Sadguru showed me all the Divine Leelas of the auras described earlier. Sometimes the light formed a tall crown over His hair, at others a peculiar halo of light seemed to form around His face and yet again an urn of light seemed to form above Baba and still more, fast revolving circles of light seemed to form above Him ascending to great heights. With Baba's merciful Grace I could even see the pink colour surrounding Him.