4. The Embodiment of Selfless Love


Dr. Frank G. Baronowski, who is a clinical hypnotist, an interface psychologist and also a lecturer of international repute, has delivered over nine thou­sand lectures in various universities, colleges and conferences all over the world. In 1978, Dr. Baronowski had come to Bangalore, to attend the Peace Conference under the auspices of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. There he saw an aura around Baba (which can also be expressed as an emanation of a band of electro-magnetic vibrations from around the body). He was wonder-struck on seeing this. In his speeches, delivered at Brindavan and subsequently published articles on this experience, he has expressed, "This aura extends from three to five feet around all ordinary human being. As the individual's emotional, physical and mental states change, the colour pattern of these auras also change. Ordinarily white aura denotes energy. When the aura is composed of blue colour it signifies deep spiritualism, green colour depicts healing power, yellow shows the development of thought-power and intellect. Anger and disappoint­ment are seen as red aura. With a camera for Kir­lian Photography (biomagnetic field radiation photography) the aura of man could be photographed an~ one could know whether or when a person feels love extends love and showers love. Pink colour which is rarely seen, denotes a person capable of selfless love.2 This very pink colour was visible all around Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The aura of Baba was seen spreading beyond the walls of the building where He stood. This energy field reached thirty or forty feet in all directions. I am very pleased to say that I have not only had the occasion to examine the auras of prominent personalities like ex-President Gerald Ford of U.S.A., Queen Juliana of Netherlands, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Pope John Paul II, but also witnessed the auras of tens of thousands of others. I say this not as a certificate or testimonial but with, an intention of proving the fact. I feel it imperative to state that not one person I have ever seen who has an aura of that intensity and magnitude and also pink colour which can be seen around Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba."