1. The Descent Of Divine Sakthi On The Earth


The famous Rishi and Mahayogi of India, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh had nurtured a dream of evolving the human into a new being. This was an astonishing idea. His vision of evolving the human form was indeed unique and unprecedented was that proverbial step ahead, which could take man to the highest level of consciousness and being. Sri Aurobindo, who by the power of his integral Yoga, delved into the Cosmic Mind, and en­gaged himself for three years from 1923 to 192B in an intensive, unparallel and heroic sadhana for achieving the Supermind into this earth.


SUPERMIND is the Truth consciousness, the true power of knowledge, the self-luminous and self-­realising. It is the Real Idea which is the vast self­-extension of Brahman and that which contains and upholds multiplicity and maintains unity in utmost diversity and stability in utmost mutability. Accord­ing to Sri Aurobindo that descent of the Supermind when achieved by the efforts of man is capable of promoting man into a higher phase in evolution. On 15th August 1926, on his fifty-fourth birth­ in a brief but important discourse Sri Aurobindo : "The object to our yoga is to bring down a Consciousness, a Power, a Light, a Reality that is other than consciousness which satisfies the ordinary being on the earth a Consciousness, a Power and a Light of Truth, a Divine Reality which is destined to raise the earth-consciousness and transform everything here" ………”We have to call down this greater Con­sciousness directly into the vital being and the physical being, so that the Supreme calm and univer­sality may be there in all its fullness from top to bottom. If this cannot be done then the first condition of transformation is not fulfilled."


On the 24th day of November 1926, Sri Aurobindo in ultimate finality realised a distinct and definite conviction of descent of the Divine supra­mental sakthi on this earth. He declared this day to be celebrated as the 'Victory Day' in his ashram at Pondicherry. Sri Aurobindo has written about that day on page 208 of the book "Sri Aurobindo on Him­self and the Mother" (1953 edition), "24th November l926, was the descent of Krishna into the physical".. "A power infallible shall lead the thought, in earthly hearts kindle the Immortal's Fire. Even the Multitude shall hear the Voice."


It appeared from Sri Aurobindo's amazed and thoughtful expression, that he himself, had not yet attained that stage of preparedness in which he could experience this unmatched phenomenal occurence. All present there experienced a state of supreme Divine Bliss.


On that day, in Pondicherry ashram, a heavenly atmosphere had prevailed and the Mother announced celebration of festivities in the ashram. The atmosphere was pervaded with a wave of extreme happiness and blissful joy. There flow an endless stream of Ananda and rejoicing, the ocean of effulgence had descended to permeate the entire surroundings with profound brightness and light. Every ashramite experienced a peculiar  pressure _ higher force on his head. Towards the evening a novel festive function was organised in an atmosphere of infinite peace. A rostrum was erected with a back­ground of a dark curtain on which were embroidered with gold, three Chinese dragons, symbolising the warding off evils. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother adorned beautifully decorated chairs. In this envi­ronment of uninterrupted silence, the ashramites filed past one by one and received individually, special blessings from both. All 24 ashramites (a number of Occult Value) without exception experienced, that the Divinity had descended upon the earth in a human form. They felt that, that divine and blessed moment was an event of utmost importance for the entire universe. At that moment, the ashramites un­doubtedly realised that Sri Aurobindo and Mother's faces and bodies were illumined, with inner divine light and beautiful heavenly effulgence and bliss. They had a perceptible glow of divinity and light radiating from them. Kumari Hudson Dutt in ecstatic delight proclaimed loudly, “Today has the Divine descended on the earth." That Supreme Divine Sakthi which had descended is the Almighty Sarva Daivathwa-Swaroopam. (The Form. in which All Forms of All Gods), Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who was born on 23rd November 1926.