With Swami's Grace, Sai devotees in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta & Bali were privileged to have Satsang with Prof. Anil Kumar.

During his stays for a week in Indonesia (2nd until 9th May 2005), Prof. Anil Kumar happened to give speeches on May 3rd & May 8th in Jakarta.

As we all know, Prof. Anil Kumar is a very well known  for his energetic personality & His Talks are very inspirational & motivating. Here are some of the salient points from Prof. Anil Kumar's talks at Sri Sathya Sai Centre - Pasar Baru (on May 2nd, 2005):

- we have faith in barbers & doctors but we do not believe in god
- believe is common; while faith is individual
- faith has become seasonal reasonal conditional convenience expectational - while truth is beyond these
- intelligence relates to mind, faith; intellectual relates to the heart, trust
- trust in god is unshakable, pure & unpolluted
- kids have trust & faith, but when grows up lose them & run after believe
- happiness is relative. what makes you happy today can make you unhappy tomorrow. there is no absolute happiness
- when got married - happy; when asked to make coffee - unhappy
- life is mostly happy/ healthy  & not so often unhappy/unhealthy, so appreciate happiness
- we get happiness from unhappiness only
- what you consider a curse now can be a miracle later
- men's calamity is god's opportunity
- attitude is everything
- spirituality is an attitude, reconciliation, acceptance, and surrender
- let us be spiritual in the right spirit
- life of religion is music, dance. a religious life is a happy life
- when one dies let us speak of his/her greatness
- motive is everything & not expression
- maintain equal mindedness
- religion divides/ banner/crude gold/speak of many things; spirituality unites/ manner/ shining gold/ silence
- spirituality gives tax exemption not tax evasion
- pain is outer; bliss is inner e.g. Jesus on a cross
- keep suffering to yourself; spread only joy
- swami's suffering is for example not due to his own doing, unlike us
- god is a postman who delivers what is meant for you. He is a witness
- good people suffer so we can grow beyond suffering, to be a good example for others
- lust respect friendship possessiveness is not love itself but its expressions
- i give you legs so you can leave bad companies
- life is not a question but is a quest

And here are the salient points from His Talks at Hotel Hyatt Aryaduta on May 8th, 2005:

- life is a challenge face it
- ambe jagadari ambe, ambe jagadari....he
- prof anil kumar kamaraju officially translated for baba since 1969. born in gunthur andra pradesh.
- the beauty of life is the challenge itself. Don't run away & escape from it.
the animals say : while alive
- we have definite time to eat
- definite time to sleep after a hard workday
- & don't fear life
- we have reason & season for life even after death skin, hair, teeth & flesh of animals are better but no plants/ animals can transcend itself. a tiger cannot be more than a lion but men can be divine thus human life is rarest & most precious of all. even gods & goddesses want to be born as human.

1)  life is an opportunity, take it early !
- human life is to be fragrance !
- in being busy what diff we are from machine. anything that is mechanical losses its beauty. everything is ready made - bad. mix your love in food you made as it becomes mechanical
- always keep that personal touch
- don't make your lie a machine. listen to the voice in the early morning. watch nature to see the beauty of god
- listen to the primordial sound of omkar
- if we are cut of from nature we are less blissful since life is natural
- live life in an endless hope
- logic will take away nature
- when you ask the meaning of life, why, the meaning is gone (just like K)
- human's business is not in asking why of life but how to enjoy life. we do not ask why your wife cooks.

2)  life a challenge between love & logic
- don't take life seriously
- we all belong the organic family of god. all are brothers & sisters in prasanthi nilayam but outside we are divided.
- life is a challenge bet poetry/ responsive/imagination or prose/prosaic / stiff life
- life a challenge bet work or the body (as a vehicle like a car to be maintained)
- religion does not mean looking shabby. must look
presentable/ acceptable. baba is meticulous on cleanliness.
- we are the reflection of god. smile if he smiles
- life is a challenge between body/ experience/ mortal & soul/ experiencer/ forever
- life is a challenge between life/birth of the body & death of the body but life is continuous
- truth is unchangeable but facts is changeable
- i, aham is common across age nationality race
- challenge between jyoti & tamas
- knowledge is borrowed/ egoistic/ self aggrandism/ignorance; wisdom is original/ humble/simplicity/innocence
- mix with everyone, all are brothers all are sisters (except the one wife)
- swami with you by my side I can buy you the world
- god is countless, casteless
- publicity is for men
- baba said your happiness is my food
- would you like to limit god by your act of worship only, by a scripture, or to feel him
- you know that god knows but baba often give us the experience that god knows
- is life a ritual or spiritual (feel god)

- life is a game play it.
- a game is serious/human/win or loss/ has rules & regulation, a play is fun/ divine/ no win or loss/no rules & regulation (why swami don't call ME for interview while others have many times - game)
- why should you invite me to my own house
- so make the game that is human, a play (above win or loss)
- its quality that matters
- life is a game, so serious for me but it's a play for the lord. So go along play it
-with swami you are a hero, w/o swami you are zero
- water/rasa is the essence of life
- it is the poverty of mind (not of the body)/indiscipline that caused unrest using the orderliness of people receiving rice in a poor area in central java.
- "bali"ness is godliness
- make your life a play not a game
- you lose so much energy during anger (6 month of food energy eaten)
- when we jealous we loss our brilliance, efficiency,it is the worst of all sin
- when swami give something for somebody never feel jealous
-things happen due to its own accord, god's play is cosmic/ universal
- ja/come; gat/go but god is always there
- negative expressions is inherent weakness
- life positive/ affirmative is religious; life
negative is irreligious
- never forget to joke daily
- everything is a play to god
- baba says when you eat it will reach me
- after using this body for a long time we have to pay "taxes"/ illness
-desireless is god himself
- knowing swami does not mean moving to puttaparthi
- sai bhajan establish the link between individual and
the cosmic

- drink a glass of water
- watch yourself in mirror
- walk about outside
- wait for a while

- find the talent of a child & let it grow naturally
- baba is the cosmic jesus, the second coming of
- to change do it gradually
- living with baba is living IN fire, away from him you only feel the WARMTH
- spirituality is a gradual process
- life/god  is HERE , NOW
- physical/ mental confidence is not self-confidence
- among friends we do not find fault in each other, expose weakness
- friendship in sanskrit is maitri
- hopeful end is endless hope
- things will not stay like it is forever
- fasting is ritual; thinking of god is spiritual
- god gives me courage to face my challenges
- if you don't do the rituals you will not know spirituals. from form to formlessness. both are necessary.

By the end of the programme, Mr. & Mrs. Anil Kumar were presented with some souvenirs from Sai devotees in Indonesia. In the picture attached, Prof. Anil
Kumar were presented with a sketch of his picture with Swami.


Udayo Untarya Wijaya
Jakarta - Indonesia