Governor T N Chaturvedi and Chief Minister N Dharam Singh called on Saibaba and received his blessings at Whitefield on Wednesday. They took part in the concluding day of the three-day spiritual programme at Ashram. DH photo


Today there was Dhanvantari Homam. The Homam took place on the stage on
the ladies' side. Bhagawan came at 7:15AM. HE stayed till 8:45AM and left. HE came again at 09:30AM and stayed till Poornahuti.

There were three homams this morning - Rudra Homam, Chandi Homam and Mrutyunjaya Homam. Swamy came at 07:25AM and stayed till 09:30AM watching the proceedings. In the evening there was Sudarsana Homam. It started at 05:00 PM. Swamy was there till 06:00PM and then left for  Trayee. poornahuti took place at 09:00PM.

Today was the last day of the three day programme of various Homams. Yesterday, in the evening, when Swamy went back into Trayee, the Maha  Sata Chandi Homam was announced as the grand finale. No one had any idea of the grandeur till it commenced this morning. Swami came at 7:15AM and immediately the Pundits commenced the Homam after receiving a green signal from HIM. The Homa Kundam was majestic. Shaped like a heart, it was six feet deep and a foot above the ground. It was dug in the Ramesh  hall, about 10 feet away from the stage in the front. Three steps of the  Homa Kundam were adorned with beautiful rangoli and flower petals, mainly marigold. Owing to the size the Homa Kundam, the fire had to be lit last night itself, and it was done in the most auspicious manner, i.e. by rubbing pieces  of wood and the initial sparks litting up a cocnut fibre. This is multiplied and slowly small wood pieces are introduced. By morning, the sacrificial fire was big enough to consume logs!

Once the Homam started two large logs were put into the Homa kundam and  soon large flames leapt up. The  Homam started with incantations to  propitiate the nava grahas , followed by Indra, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu  and their respective families. The offerings into the sacrificial fire were of great variety. Seven to eight containers, each of 35 litres, of  sweet pongal was offered to the Devi. Other offerings were, coconuts, mangoes, flowers, bananas and even water melons! Every member seated there participated in one part of the Homam. Sai Gayathri was being  chanted followed by 'Swaaha' and then ghee was offered into the sacrificial fire.

While this went on, Swamy went back to Trayee at 8:45AM and came back at  09:25AM. Swamy looked like the all-pervading Sri Mahavishnu HIMSELF! HIS   black hair was dancing to the breeze and from a distance it looked like Adisesha was providing shade to HIM!! HE observed the proceedings with  rapt attention.

The CM of Karnataka, Sri. Dharam Singh visited Brindavan at about  9:45AM. Swamy blessed a green colored saree along with freshly picked green paddy plant and fruits. These were offered to the Devi through the fire. Again, fistfuls of Sweet pongal were offered again by the eleven  priests of the Kolluru Mookambika Devasthanam sitting around the Homa kundam. At about 10:15AM, a red saree wetted with ghee, along with  money, fruits and flowers were blessed by Swamy and offered in to the sacrificial fire. Poornahuti commenced after this at 10:25AM with chants of Durga suktam, Sri suktam, Chamakam and Sai Gayathri.

After the Homam, Swamy directed Sri. C. Srinivas to give thre presents,  dhoti and angavastram to the priests. The six main priests thus honoured looked very happy and satisfied. The Homam ended on a high note, spreading great spiritual vibrations in the Ramesh hall, and perhaps even farther.

Mrs. Praveen Sultana was surprised at the sudden order by Swamy to sing!  She rendered a couple of Bhajans, Bhavai Dayani and SaiRam SaiRam. Her  husband was also called and asked to sing. The fortunate couple  presented a treat of Hindustani music. Swamy meanwhile got up and walked slowly towards the elevator on the gents side and came down. The mobile throne was brought out of the car (!) and Swamy sat on that. The throne  was placed in the Toyota Porte and Swamy left for Trayee through the ladies' side at 11:15AM filling us with absolute bliss.

Posted by Ramesh on 18.05.2005

May 18, 2005

Swami came out 07:18 a.m. He was walking without anyone's support.

The close of Maha Yagna today was a magnificent event with Swami coming out along with the chief minister state of Karnataka and his entourage givng a good Darshan from the stage. Everyone got purified with the holy smoke from the sacred fire.

The main road was extraordinary crowded with cars, peoples and street hawkers selling everything from flowers to juice. Many buses lined with devotees had come from far and close to have the Darshan of Lord & with added energy they were all leaving on their respective buses towards Bangalore.

Sai Ram

A Anantha Vijaya

Posted on 18.05.2005

Dear Ones,

Om Sri Sai Ram and thank You for giving Your attention to this Holy Maha Yagna again.

Today our beloved Bhagavan Baba granted His Divine Presence to all from 7.25 to 8.45 am in Sai Ramesh Hall, Brindavanam - where He likes to play with our hearts. Later on  He came back to us again at 9.30 am for about one and half a hour, accompanied by the Chief Minister of Karnataka. He walked by Himself on stage, went down by elevator and than left the hall by car and the Yagna came to close.

This third (and last) day of Maha Yagna the Holy Fire was placed down the floor in Sai Ramesh Hall, just before Lord Ganesheji. Sometimes there was such a lot of Holy Smoke that even Swami was not to be seen. Therefore we have to go inside to have His Darshan during this circumstances (passing clouds) too.

Hope You are ready to take all the goodly implicated consequences of Yagna into Your thoughts, feelings and actions in day by day life. Let us pray that this will come. This will come, is now here.


Posted by Jay Sai Ram on 18.05.2005


In Brindavan around 60 priests from Karnataka are performing Homam from last three days.

On Monday Dhanvantari Homam and Sudarshan Homam were performed. The Yagna Kundas were kept one at the Ladies side of the dias and the other at the gents side Dias. To the devotees surprise Swami came to darshan by 7:15 an unexpected time when compared to the previous days where he was coming around 9:30.

Our Beloved Lord came for darshan in his Wheel chair. He came from the main gate of trayee Brindavan and entered Ladies side and went to the dias and sat before the Dhanvantari Homam for about 40 min and then went to Sudershana Homam Kundam on the Gents side and sat there for about 30 min and let the Hall. He himself came later and performed Poornaahuthi. It was really astonishing to the devotees to see Swami performing  the rituals with his one hand and priests helping Him out,  to perform the rituals. In the afternoon also he came early and sat for the afternoon section of the Yagna. Swami had blessed all the priests with Pattu dhothis personally.

On Tuesday also Vedic chanting was started at 5:30 a.m by the boys. Lalitha Sahasranama was started by the Ladies at 6:30 in the Sai Ramesh Hall. Today we had the great chandi Maha Yagnam  to be started. The Kundam was digged before the Ganesha in the Sai Ramesh Hall which was measuring 9*5 feet. The priest started with the Maha Ganapathy Homam and our beloved Lord came early as yesteday by 7:00a.m. He sat for the Homam some times chanting with the priests and looking above and as a small kid not able to move around sat before the Yagna as Yagna Purusha and went back at around 8:30a.m.

Today being the PoornaAhuthi for the chandi Yagnam. Swami came as usual as last days at 7:00a.m from the Ladies side taling to the devotees and went up. Later he called sathyagit and saked him to make him stand. Swami stood up and started walking with the help of Sathyagit on the right side holding the factured hand and Jain holding the left hand. Swami went off at 8:30 a.m and came back again at 10:00am to do the Poorna Ahuthi. Swami walked down and greeted the CM of Karnataka Dharam Singh with his left hand and blessed all the people. Today yagna was attended by the Govenor, Ministers and many dignitaries of Karantaka. It seems to be a festival in Brindavan. Devotees were stunned to see Swami sitting for Yagnas so much of time where the local news papers published that they would be no darshan for a week because of the facture. Swami proved his uncertainity and came for the darshan both the times from the day the news was published.

But seeing him in this stage makes every one feel very sorrow.  But , What can we do other that to pray Him to get  well soon.

With Love
Posted by Vinay Kumar on 18.05.2005