Havan - Important Announcement

Sri Mokambika Devi Satha Chandi Maha Yagna

As per the Divine instructions of Bhagvan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, there was Sri Mokambika Devi Satha Chandi Maha Yagna was performed at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on Monday 16th May from 9 a.m. onwards. All were cordially invited to participate in this Maha Yagna.  Baba has expressed that Sri Mokambika Devi is an embodiment of great power and blesses people silently. Baba has recommended that performing this Maha Yagna is beneficial to mankind.

A similar Maha Yagna will be performed at Whitefield in Bangalore in the Divine presence of Bhagvan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  All should perform this yagna as and when possible.

This information is issued from Dharmakshetra, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Mumbai.

Sairam Dear Sai Brothers & Sai Sisters

As per the above announcement by our beloved Bhagavan, we have by his grace organised a Yagna for Devi Mokambika on the coming Sunday 19th June 2005 at 11.00am by a Pujari, Arumuga Iyer, who does all the major pujas at the two of the major temples in Sydney, namely Sydney Murugan Temple and Helensburgh Temple. 

The Yagna will be for 2 hours, followed by Bhajans and prasad.   However we again take this opportunity to invite each one of you all to come & join us for this yagna, which we would like to dedicate it to our beloved Bhagavan and for the well being of the whole universe.  

We look forward to seeing you all and also please feel free to bring along anyone who would be interested.  Please if possible, kindly let us know whether you would be able to attend, as that it will enable us to make arrangements for everyone to take equal participation in the Yagna.  For people who have time constraints and other commitements, even if you can't make it for  the full Yagna duration, please don't hesitate to join us for atleast part of this auspicious yagna.


2/40 Manning Rd, Double Bay. (off New South Head Rd)

RSVP by 12th June 2005

Ph. 042 5222  635


With Love and Kind Regards

Jai Sai Ram.

Sister sudesh


Mrs.Sudesh Johar

Sydney, Australia

Tel: 61 42 5222 635

Aum Sri Sai Ram

It is really a wonderful phenomenon that is happening around the globe amongst the Sai Devotees. Especially with the prayer group initiating a wonderful service of prayer for Bhagavan's speedy recovery.


I would like to inform fellow devotees that the Sai Organisation of Fiji also conducted Sri Mookambika Devi Shath Chandi Maha Yagna in Suva on the 11th. 12th, 13th June.


Apparently, the chief priest was already over-commited with other assignments in the USA and other parts of the world and had immediately rejected our request. This priest is usually very hard to get hold of and he also mentioned that for a yagna like this he would require 1 year of preparation. We had only given him two weeks.


The very next morning he called the organisers and confirmed his participation, saying that Sai Baba had inspired him during the night.


The Yagna was conducted brilliantly leaving everyone in awe.


The Sai Youth Wing played a challenging role?as Seva Dals in controlling the crowd(half of which was non-Sai Devotees). The Seva Dals made the Sai Devotees feel like they were in Prasanthi Nilayam as they enforced strict discipline with humility and Love.?


People were so impressed that they asked us where did we get this training from. Needless to say that as Devotees we are a reflection of Bhagavan's message, hence no such formal training is required.

Please find attached some snaps of the event.

Vikesh Chauhan


Courtesy SaiBabaNews & SaibabaofIndia Yahoo Groups