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On Sunday, 27th November 2005

Venue: Don Bosco Tech. Training Institute Vazira Naka, BORIVALI west, Mumbai.

As part of celebrations of 80th year Advent of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations was held at Prashanthi Nilayam from 19th to 21st November 2005. The theme of the conference was to spread the Divine Message of Unity, Purity, & Divinity. A programme on par with the theme of the conference, i.e., Unity among Religions, was organized in Mumbai by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Borivali Samithi.

On the 27th November, the Samithi organized a mammoth Sarva Dharma Rally, and a Sarva Dharma Prayer meeting. In a well-attended Rally more than 1500 persons participated. The Rally passed through important streets of Borivali. The remarkable feature of this rally was that hundreds of youth drawn from nearby educational institutions participated enthusiastically. Each one was carrying a placard bearing messages of Bhagavan Baba appropriate to the theme of the Rally. A large contingent of Balvikas children, dressed up as per traditions of various religions, formed part of the rally.

The Rally, after one hour, culminated in the campus of Don Bosco Boys Technical Institute, in Vazira Naka, Borivali, where a seminar cum prayer meeting had been arranged. The following eminent persons spoke on their Religious beliefs and lead all the participants in their religious prayers.

Father Steve Rodriigues - Represented Christianity.
Brahmacharini Vividisha Chaitanya - Represented Hinduism.
Br. Ather Mohmmed Khan - Represented Islam.
Ervad Ariz Panthki - Represented Parsee Community.
Sardar Harsiman Singh - Represented Sikhism.

Sri Nimish Pandya, District President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Mumbai inaugurated the Prayer meeting by lighting the  Sacred Lamp.

Sri. Pratap Thakkar, a member of Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Maharashtra State, anchored the Prayer Meeting and welcomed the Chief speakers and all the other people who had gathered on the occasion. He introduced the chief guests and invited them, one by one, to take the mike.

The message from Father Steve Rodrigues (The rector of Don Bosco School)

The Christian scholar said that the greatest message that the holy bible has given is to love your neighbour. The Father symbolized the Love both in vertical form and in the horizontal form. The love towards Lord is always eternal and is marked as vertical one. Another aspect of the Love directed to our neighbours, which is marked as Horizontal. Rev. Father beautifully illustrated that when these two directions of LOVE i.e. vertical and horizontal ones are combined, the sign of Holy Cross emerges. When the soul, the heart and mind are all saturated with Love, it becomes Divine. He asserted that one should be prepared to lay down his life for the sake of The Lord and Thy Neighbour.

The father then read out prayers from Bible and encouraged the audience to repeat every line after him.

Brahmacharini Vividisha Chaitanya from Chinmaya Mission:

Sister Vividisha dealt at length about the basics of Hinduism. She started her discourse chanting "OM" three times. She clarified that the sound OM is visiting card to Divinity. The Omkaram is recited before every ritualistic chanting. There is logic in every ritual as per Hindu religion. Like in all religions Prayer are important factor. Why do we pray? Basically it is cleansing the mind, the Chitha. How do we achieve world peace? The world is like a big mansion. The Mansion is built by using so many bricks. Unless the bricks are strong the building cannot last long. The individuals in the society are like bricks. Every individual should have purity in Heart and Love emanating. Then the World at large will be peaceful. The prayer time is the good time in the life. Those whom we consider are bad characters deserve our Love very much. She mentioned about the example of a saint. There were many disciples for the saint. While every one of them good natured, only one among them was a bad character. The good ones suggested that Guruji should throw out that bad character from the Ashram. Then the Guruji replied that all the Good ones can leave the ashram since they are already very good. He told that it was the so-called bad one who needed much care and attention and that if he was thrown out, he will be helpless in the outer world. Sister was highlighting this story to emphasize the point that we should Love everybody irrespective of their background or character. It is our duty to extend our Love to Every one. The True Love is like fragrance which envelopes everyone in the vicinity.

Ather Mohammed Khan (A research scholar from the Islamic research foundation)

Brother Khan exclaimed that the word love had been very frequently used in the Holy Koran. The Love is the underlying factor of the Religion of Islam. The unsullied Love brings Peace in the humanity at large. In Koran, "Islam" means "Peace". Even if you hurt any one or kill any one it is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity. Likewise if you save even a single one, it is like saving the entire humanity. Anyone who submits himself to God's WILL, is a true Muslim. Know that God is only one, He is absolute and eternal. There is nothing like HIM in the world. God is Only ONE, has no parents or relatives. God is unborn. Such a God Loves one who loves all neighbours and friends. While offering Namaz, the Muslims sit in neat rows touching each other's shoulders, indicating the closeness of brotherhood. It is so because there should not any space between us to enable any devil enter places between your friends. Here he mentioned, the devil means, the evil qualities in men like hatred, anger, jealousy etc.

Mr. Khan then recited prayers which are being recited during Namaz, and he requested everybody to repeat the English translation of those verses.

Ervad Ariz Panthki - Represented Parsee Community

Mr. Panthki, spoke about Zuarashtratism. He said,

Human vices like arrogance, ego, false, pride, revenge, anger and contempt have down the ages fuelled friction, conflict, enmity and war between cities countries and peoples. Even two horrific and devastating World Wars later, man seams to have forgotten the lessons of history and yet again stands on the brink of self-destruction.

At this juncture I would like to quote a few lines from the poem:


War clouds dark and scary are spewing death once again
All because of leaders who are fanatic and insane.

Towards religion and God we must all return
Failing which in a nuclear inferno we shall burn.

Religion plays an important role in inculcating the duties and responsibilities by imbibing the teachings ethics and morals in every individual right since an early age.

Zoroastrianism gives a fivefold path of virtues and morals, which lead to the Perfection of each individual finally leading to the salvation of the soul. This is the end goal of human beings according to all religions. This is one message, which is common to all religions and unites all men.

Further all religions have shown their own distinct paths by which mankind can progress. Though these paths seem different in different religions they have an underlying message of virtue, love and compassion once again uniting men across religious borders.

The Five Fold Path Is Enshrined In Five Terms. Which Are Also The Names Of Principle Divine Beings.

The First Aspect Is AHURA MAZDA. It emphasises the need for wisdom in every action in life.

The Second Aspect Is VOHU MANAH. Which expects that whenever any action is performed the greater good of mankind is to be kept in mind.

The Third Aspect Is ASHA VAHISHTA. It states that right conduct that is righteousness is necessary to understand the Divine Purpose of life and man's role in it.

The Forth Aspect KSHATHRA VAIRYA. Emphasises the need for benevolent discipline authority and leadership in bring out the best in all men for whom we work. It underlines the need for compassion the person wielding authority.

The Fifth And The Final Aspect is SPENTA ARMAITI. It underlines the need for tenderness tolerance love and devotion. It is the aspect that tells man to give, that he is born to give and not just to take.

When one lives these Five Basic Attributes, Divine Grace And Inherent Qualities Grow Unnoticed. Peace is one such inherent quality, which grows within a moral man. It cannot be forced down upon people.

Regarding this aspect it is said in the AVESTA:

Living with a mind which is free from vice, which is above pettiness, which strives to practice virtue and which endeavors to align itself to God, automatically leads one to a life of peace and harmony with all creations.

Living with peace and harmony is not a state, which has to be worked for. Once we work for the ideal of living a Nobel life of ethics and virtues, our mind is automatically tuned to live in peace and harmony not only with fellow humans but also with all living and non-living creations of the world.

Sri Panthky then lead the audience with their prayer song rendered in English

Sardar Harsimranji represented Sikhism. He said that there is a big relation between love and religion. Any religion not spreading love becomes egoistic and orthodox. All the 13 samhithas in Guru Granth Sahib reflects the good qualities of Dharma and Prema. He narrated the story of a student who took pain to feed a hungry poor low cast man finds highest realm in the heaven. Any act of love illustrates highest form of devotion. He cited various examples from mythologies. The devotee Sudhama was feeling shy to give the beaten rice which he was trying to hide because he was shy to offer the same to the Lord. But Lord Krishna insisted that he wanted that precious gift from Sudhama. He also mentioned the devotion of Sabari who was first tasting the fruit and then offered the same to Lord Rama. He recited a stanza from a song, "Jho Prem kiya, Usko God Mila" He exhorted that "Call Him by any Name, and He hears, because God is ONE". Unsullied Love shuns all violence. He complemented the organization for taking the lead in arranging the Sarva Dharma Rally and Prayer, because the message of LOVE should spread all over the world.

The Sarva Dharma Prayer meeting concluded with a Silent Prayer form World Peace, followed by vote of thanks by Sri Pratap Thakker.

BLOOD DONATION.-- Practical demonstration --- Donation of Blood is " Liquid Love".

A BLOOD DONATION CAMP was arranged in the same venue, in association with TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL BLOOD BANK and KEM HOSPITAL BLOOD BANK, two large hospitals in the city of Mumbai had come with all utilities and specialized staff to receive the donated blood.

Many participants who had gathered during the Rally and prayer meeting offered their Blood. Everybody knew that the Blood donation was a Noble act of SEVA, and cheerfully came forward to donate their blood. Though more than 250 people came forward to donate blood, many had to be rejected since there were some medical and chemical problems. Ultimately 130 persons were accepted for donating their blood.

Donating blood is offering "Liquid Love". It is a unique way of Love in action since, the Donor does not know to whom the blood is going; and the recipient does not know who the Donor is.

The Media, both Print Media and various T.V. Channels covered the events in a big way.

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