There will be no live Telecast of the programme. However, after the programme, on the same day it will be put in our video streaming site and also on Sanskar TV Channel around 9 o clock on 23rd night. Timings may vary, but there will be a scrolling message in Sanskar, please look for it.

On 24th Night, it will be on Jagran TV.

Again on Sunday, 27th, there will an one hour programme on Sanskar and on Jagran on Saturday, 26th.

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posted by saidevotees-worldnet on 19.11.2005

Dear friends,

For Swamyji's 80th birthday , SANSKAR TV the spiritual channel of  India, has organised an  half hour programme on 23rd of Nov '05 at 9 pm [IST] as a tribute to our BABA's [SATYA SAI BABA] great service to  humanity. while his devotees all over the world will rejoice and pay their tributes in every way they can, Sanskar TV will on its own small way pay a tribute by showcasing BABA's programme. All devotees world over can take benefit of the same
SANSKAR TV can be watched the world over, you can also watch it on the  net at
Posted by Pradeep Nambiar on 18.11.2005