Rath Yatra at Bandra East - Mumbai



The Rath Yatra on Sunday evening at Bandra ,to herald the 80th year opf the advent of the Avthar, was indeed a Joyous occasion. It was a riot of colour and pageantry marked with dignity and decorum. The venue, a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, was large enough to accomodate the 350 -odd devotees.
At 5 minutes past 6 in the evening, young Bal Vikas boys heralded the start of the Rath Yatra by invoking the blessings of the Lord chanting Vedic mantras.The boys from the Dharmakshetra school led the colourful procession playing rhythmic beats on the drums. The young girls from the school caught everybody's attention as they jingled the Lezims and danced tirelessly for almost an hour and half. There were a dozen lighted lamps carried by bearers (baarath-style) to add sparkle to the occasion. There were several Bal Vikas children wearing a sash or carrying yellow placards containing Swami's teachings. Hundreds of Mahilas ,donning the orange and yellow seva dal scarves, followed the  children, singing sarva dharma bhajans.Then followed the Youth in sparkling whites.They sang bhajans in tandem with the mahilas, using mikes and megaphones. Several members of the local samithis wore dhotis and kurtas and donned orange turbans. They smilingly ushered the horse-drawn cariage carrying Bhagwan's photo. A spotlight added brilliance to the colourful photo of a beamimng Swami. A few cars carrying elder members of the Trust and the Organisation brought up the tail-end. Enthusiastic members of the Samithis distributed Vibhuthi prasad and a 2-page brochure to residents of the locality as well as several curious onlookers. Some others distributed water to the devotees. The office-bearers paced up and down to ensure that everything was working to precision. Videographers and photographers captured the moments for posterity.
The procession returned to the Hanuman temple after wending its ways through the streets of Kherwadi. Shri Ruia, an elder member of the Trust, performed aarthi to Bhagwan. Beaming devotees partook the Prasad and left for their homes. It was indeed a memorable evening, when the Divine visited a quite suburb of Mumbai and showered His blessings.
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Lovingly shared by Ravi Gopal