Birthday Program on Zee TV, Sanskar TV and Astha Channel

Sai Ram


We have been advised that Zee TV will be broadcasting Baba's New Birthday song titled "Out And About" on Sunday the 27th November 2005 between 9.30 am - 10.00 am. (U.K Timings)



There will be no live Telecast of the programme. However, after the programme, on the same day it will be put in our video streaming site and also on Sanskar TV Channel around 9 o clock on 23rd night. Timings may vary, but there will be a scrolling message in Sanskar, please look for it.

On 24th Night, it will be on Jagran TV.

Again on Sunday, 27th, there will an one hour programme on Sanskar and on Jagran on Saturday, 26th.

We have also been advised that Astha Channel will be showing a video clip of the new Birthday Bhajan by the Sai Arpanam Group on the occassion of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday on 23rd November, 2005. The approximate timings for Indian Channel and International Channel are shown below. Please check for the correct timings with your local operator of Astha.

Astha Channel in India

4.15 PM (IST) - 5 MINS
6.30 PM (IST) - 5 MINS
11.30 PM (IST) - 8 MINS

Astha International (IST - Indian Standard Time)

8.15 AM (IST) or (2.35 GMT) - 5 MINS
7.50 AM/ PM (IST) or ( 2.20 AM/ 12 .20 PM GMT) - 5 MINS
2.55 PM (IST) - (9.25 GMT) 8 MINS

In sai service

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