Experiencing the glory of Namasmarana - In a Novel Way.

Sai Ram All,

A sincere prayer, a genuine thought for transformation is said to be enough for getting enveloped in to the glory of the lord. The transformation of the Mulund - Vikhroli Samithi in Mumbai can be a shining example to this.

What started as an experimental idea has now become the most awaited activity for this Samithi. While it is common for many samithis to have 80 or 81 hours (depending on the years of descent of the avatar) of bhajan culminating before Swami's birthday, the Mulund samithi came up with the idea of having these bhajans at homes of people. The only criteria being, the homes have to be of Balvikas children or of new devotees who are not already a part of the organization. Talking in terms of transaction, the deal was simple you give us your house for one hour and we will come and charge your house with the vibrations of the lord.

From humble beginnings made in 2005 starting on Rama Navami day and culminating on Guru Poornima it went on without a break everyday, at all Balvikas homes and new devotees homes. There were times when the houses would overflow with people and also times when only a hand few would turn up but NEVER a day when the bhajan did not take place!

In 2006 the programme of 81 bhajans started on Rama Navami day again but culminating on Vijaya Dashami Oct 2nd 2006. The only difference being that the bhajans are now held only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that other activities of samithi are not affected by everyday bhajans.

The results are astounding and can be contributed to NOTHING other than overflowing grace of our beloved Bhagwan. Like the Indian railway reservation system which gets full on the day of opening 2 months before the actual date of travel, the diary for booking bhajans at homes of new devotees is filled up almost 2 months in advance! The number of people taking part in regular samithi activities has almost doubled in the last two years and it is hard for anyone not to get rubbed in by the enthusiasm. Almost 200 new devotees have visited Puttaparthi in trips arranged by the samithi and the Sai energy in them is very evident by the glowing faces and overflowing happiness.

This year the final day of the 81 bhajans will be held on Oct 2nd 2006 between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm at Jain Community Hall Neelam Nagar Phase 2 Mulund (East)
Mumbai 400 081.

To encourage youth participation a special slot for youth brothers / sisters has been given from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm for ALL youth (not only Mulund - Vikhroli Samithi).

To experience these words in person, please be there.

Jai Sairam!


Posted by Mahesh Goklani on 23.09.2006

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